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Get better results with your email marketing campaigns
and don’t pay for unopened newsletters
Don’t think in one-offs and start all over again when you create
a new mailing, let’s learn from your previous results
What is more fun than making more money without spending more
time or money on lead generation and customer activation?
It’s all about success, so let’s pay for opened newsletters and stop
paying for waste which doesn’t contribute anything
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“Easy software, so sending our newsletters is very easy. The useful tools give us realtime insight in the success of our campaign. With Hellodialog, our openrate is over 40%. A true recommendation!”
“We often run multiple campaigns at the same time. Hellodialog recognizes devices for any recipient, and makes sure our newsletters are presented well. The automated recommendations are really helping us to improve!”
- Herwin van den Berg
“We send multiple campaigns a week with Hellodialog. Works like a charm, looks good and we get excellent openrates!”
- Jaap Raijmans

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If you have less than 2.000 subscribers you can send up to six campaigns a month for free. Yes for free, you pay nothing at all! And you can still use all our features, without any restrictions. So what are you waiting for, let’s start today.
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Less than 2.000 subscribers? Everything is free!

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We can hear you're thinking…Shoot! But how do I get all my contacts from my current email service provider to Hellodialog? Don’t stress, we’ve got this all covered for you. Open your current email marketing tool and our software will import all your contacts automatically.
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To make our product smarter we need your input. Help us make our product stronger, better and even more innovative. This will benefit our customers, your customers and help grow your business to the next level. We have great software and a webservice that will maximize your business opportunities.
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Share your cool features with us

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We think we started off pretty good, but we want to be even better. Help us by giving your feedback and tell us about new features that you would like to see. Or if you’re a developer, join our developers program. Please let us know what you think.
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We charge you for success only. At Hellodialog there are no fixed costs, no start up expenses, no charges for using our software tools. You will get an unlimited subscriberbase-size. Even better, our innovative tools will help you to improve the open rates of your campaigns. That’s how we align our goals: your result is our reward.
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