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Animated GIF: 10 great examples for your email marketing

Charlotte Scheiberlich // 10-11-2016, 15:08

Great animated gifs can add a lot of value to your email campaign. However, you see very little use of animated gifs by organizations. This fact creates possibilities to positively stand out compared to other email campaigns. The following 10 examples show ways of how companies apply animated gifs into their email campaigns. 

10 examples of animated gifs


Adding animated gifs to your email campaign makes it look dynamic. It’s also a good alternative for using video in email marketing. There are a few different ways of how you could use animated gifs, for example to demonstrate the use of your product or to show different colours of types or outfits. And of course there are lots of other options. 


1. Animated gif in email campaign Starbucks

A playful way to use animated gifs is by using objects to project the core of your message. Starbucks does this in the email pictured below where you see a boat floating on a Starbucks mug. The boat is obviously simulated but this gives a vivid effect to illustrate the theme of the new collection. 

2. Animated gif in email campaign Pieces

Pieces chooses an email campaign where a birthday cake is being decorated using an animated gif. By photographing this step by step and then putting the photos together, you get a playful effect of a ‘real’ setting. 

3. Animated gif in email campaign Ikea

Ikea sends a weekly newsletter that each time focusses on different product groups. With all the products they offer, quality is top priority. This message is demonstrated in the email below which emphasizes on ‘guarantee at Ikea’. Using an animated image of a heavy roller continually moving up and down on a matrass shows how much pressure the matrass can take. The animated gif has added value because you can see in what way Ikea’s products are being tested. 

4. Animated gif in email campaign Basiclabel

The newsletter below from online furniture store Basiclabel is about lightning. Because lightning has a different look when it’s on and off. An animated gif is an effective way of illustrating this to the reader. 

5. Animated gif in email campaign Desigual

The animated gif that you add in a newsletter can vary from really showy to subtle. A good example of a subtle animated gif is the newsletter from Desigual below. The glitters in the letters and frame have a subtle sparkle. 

6. Animated gif in email campaign Happy Socks

The newsletter from Happy Socks shows what products are on sale. Individual images are processed into an animated gif.   

7. Animated gif in supermarket chain Albert Heijn

To make a recipe idea of pumpkin soup sound extra appealing to the reader, supermarket chain Albert Heijn uses an animated gif of a steamy bowl of pumpkin soup ready to eat. You would almost get an appetite from it…

8. Animated gif in email campaign Gucci

In the kids collection of Gucci, the brand shows three different designs for a bag that is for sale. There is a nice dynamic between the top image where it looks like the children are staring at the animated gif with the different bags imaged below. 

9. Animated gif in email campaign InVision

In the animated gif shown below you see an especially created illustration made with Adobe After Effects. The easiest way to create animated gifs is in Adobe Photoshop. For experts and designers Adobe After Effects offers you more possibilities to get creative. 

10. Animated gif in email campaign Evernote

Workflow programme Evernote sends you a series of emails when you just created an account which focus on the possibilities of Evernote. In this email the brand uses an animated gif to explain how to use the programme in an interactive way. 

Use animated gifs in your own email campaigns 

If you have become enthusiastic about using animated campaigns yourself (and we get that), you can find all sorts of how-to’s online to make animated gifs yourself. Depending on how beautiful you want the result to be, it can be smart to call in help from a designer. We also can help you with creating a nice email template inclusive animated gif. If you’re interested, you can contact one of our email marketers. We look forward to hearing from you.


Wat een leuke inspirerende tip! Dank je wel, ik ga eerst aan de slag met mijn eerste nieuwsbrief bij jullie een daarna eens kijken of ik wat kan met gif animaties.
Comment by Brigitte on 28-12-2016, 16:52


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