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What is Hellodialog?Hellodialog is an email marketing agency with 12 years of experience. Hellodialog employs a team of seven experienced email professionals who are eager to make a success of your email marketing! Hellodialog offers in-house designed email software that enables you to easily create, send and analyze a professional newsletter. Make the most out of your email marketing and automatically get advice on the best delivery time, monitor where people are click in your newsletter, e-commerce tracking and A/B testing. It is also possible to outsource your email marketing to Hellodialog, from strategy to execution. We’ve been doing this for years for clients such as Rob Peetoom, Basiclabel, Pure Home Collections and Archeon address. Our experts are happy to get you started!Why email marketing?Do you know email is the marketing channel generates the highest ROI? Email marketing is ideal to complement your marketing strategy. The possibilities are very broad and the costs are relatively low. Read more about why email marketing works. Read more on why email marketing works.What is email marketing?Email is a marketing communications channel that allows you to reach your (potential) customers. You can send them offers, development updates concerning your company or branch. Newsletters can be intended as both commercial and non-commercial. In addition to a newsletter, you can send automated emails as birthday emails, mails that say welcome or reactivation emails. For whom is Hellodialog? Hellodialog is intended for both the novice and the professional email marketer.How does Hellodialog work?The email software that we offer you is online available. No worries! You don’t have to download anything on your computer. Just login and you will enter the online email application. In the application you are able to create, send and analyze newsletters. Your convenience is paramount! For that reason, we have developed the drag & drop editor. This mode of operation allows you get to work quickly and easily!Which plans does Hellodialog offer?Hellodialog offers you the choice between of two plans: Basic and Professional. The Basic package provides you with the basic elements for the creation of an email campaign. The Professional package suits you more if you really want to get started with high-level email marketing. A special offer is available for non-profit organizations (contact us for more information). In case you start email marketing with one of our plans, you will receive an amount of free credits, depending on the type of package, on top of the desired package. You can apply for new credits anytime!  How do I know that I can trust Hellodialog?Privacy and handling data with the utmost care are our top priority. We are member of the DDMA, the Dutch association for dialogue marketing. We also have a Privacy Statement, the official label that represents the capability of carefully dealing with our customer’s contact information and their mailing lists. Our software is continuously developed and guarantees high performance in terms of deliverability. You can try our software for 30 days now, free of charge and without obligation. What are templates?Templates are the formats of your email. Think of a mold for your content. You can choose for our specially designed readymade templates. These are all free. You can also opt for a custom-made template consistent with your corporate identity, designed by our own designers. For each new Professional customer will receive a free custom-made template in line with his/here corporate identity.Will my email certainly be delivered?If an email address is correct and no hard- or softbounce is detected, we can guarantee that the email sent will arrive at the subscriber. We cannot guarantee whether or not a subscriber opens your email. To increase the chance your email is opened, you have to optimize the aspects that contribute to these opens as much as possible. Think of the subject line, sender and pre-header. We are glad to help you in this respect. 

Softbounce and hardbounce are factors that go beyond our control. Hard bounce means that the email address is misspelled or does no longer exist. Softbounce means that the recipient’s mailbox is full or the auto-response is on.  These elements can be monitored and managed through the bounce management module. 
Are there certain rules that I have to comply onto?Every country has its own laws. As regulations are geographically dependent, it is difficult for us to determine which regulations are specifically relevant for your email marketing. Therefore, check the legislation as regards to email of the country where your company is located.   My question is not listed. Now what?Is your question not listed? Please email or call us at or -23-5322608. We are happy to help you! 

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