Become reseller of Hellodialog
Become reseller of Hellodialog
• Enlarge your marketing supply
• Generate extra revenue
The reseller options of Hellodialog

Reseller Program

Expand your marketing supply
Are advertising, web design, online marketing or consulting your core business and would you like to expand these? Go for email marketing! Email marketing is the marketing channel with the highest ROI. Therefore, email marketing is a valuable addition to your marketing strategy. The possibilities are beyond your expectations and the costs are relatively low.

Email and conversion attribution
A combination of marketing channels is indispensable, especially in online marketing. The majority of sales in online marketing are a result of conversion attribution. In addition, email is an utmost effective channel that allows you to measure your results.

Email marketing via Hellodialog
In case you want to broaden your services with email marketing, you’re at the right place at Hellodialog! We offer in-house designed email software that meets the latest standards. This email software enables organizations to easily create, send and analyze newsletters. Your newsletters are optimized automatically for smartphone, tablet and desktop. We also provide advanced capabilities to get the most out of your email marketing, such as A/B testing, ecommerce tracking, automatic advice on the delivery time and insight into the results using Google Analytics. Hellodialog is provided with a Magento plugin, which enables shop owners to easily link their Magento shop to our email software.

What’s the Reseller Program?
With the reseller program of Hellodialog you can add email marketing to your business activities to generate extra revenue by supplying us new customers. Using this program you sell the products and service of Hellodialog and receive appropriate compensation in return. In other words, you resell the products and services of Hellodialog to your own customers.

Why participate in the Reseller Program?
Beside the additional service to your own customers, you receive an attractive compensation for the orders that you place (on behalf of your customers) at Hellodialog.

About us
With over 12 years of experience, Hellodialog is the leading expert in terms of email marketing. We are happy to help you in creating, sending and analyzing effective email campaigns. We have a diversity of experts available, from development to design to marketing. Even the software was developed in-house.

Hellodialog is part of Pixelindustries, a digital agency that is specialized in providing online strategy for websites, web design, the development of websites and web stores. Moreover, we are knowledgeable when it comes to search optimization. As we’re situated in the same building as mother brand digital agency Pixelindustries, we have short communication lines. Extremely useful in case you want to apply an integrated combination of different marketing resources.

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